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UPDATE (June 25, 2017): New ebook Jizmatic Trilogy

UPDATE (December 11, 2016): Recent Story Added to Bibliography

UPDATE (October 23, 2016): New ebook published!

Fallout Stories

UPDATE (August 7, 2016): New story and 4 new ebooks published!

Psi Prison
Doomsday and Other Tours
Gene Wolfe: 14 Articles
Jack Vance: 7 Articles
Roadside Picnic Revisited

UPDATE (September 9, 2015): Recent Story Added to Bibliography

UPDATE (August 2, 2014): New book published!

Handbook of Vance Space

UPDATE (June 2, 2014): Now at Amazon:

True SF Anime!

UPDATE (June 2, 2014): Recent Story Added to Bibliography

UPDATE (October 24, 2009): The Wizard Knight Companion on Sale Now

Our handy guidebook to Gene Wolfe's The Wizard Knight series is hot off the presses. Details on The Wizard Knight Companion and how to buy

UPDATE (2008): Lexicon Urthus Second Edition Available Now!

Our flagship book is available again, in a new and expanded edition. Details on Lexicon Urthus and how to buy

UPDATE (2007): Gene Wolfe inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, on 16 JUN 2007.

UPDATE (2006): ParaSpheres Now Available

UPDATE: Robert Borski's The Long and the Short of It is now available!

  • More essays on the fiction of Gene Wolfe, in 154 pages.
  • Available now from the publisher, iUniverse.

UPDATE (2006): Lexicon Urthus Second Edition in the Works

UPDATE: Robert Borski's Solar Labyrinth is now available!

  • A book-length (188 pp.) investigation of Gene Wolfe's "New Sun" series.
  • Portions of this book previously appeared in The New York Review of Science Fiction and The Internet Review of Science Fiction.
  • See part of the IRSF essay, "Swimming with the Undines": Click here to go there.
  • Published by iUniverse. Click here to go there.
  • Here is an online review: Click here to go there.
  • Congratulations to Robert Borski! The previously published essays are individually tighter now, and all the essays together form a solid, compelling whole.

UPDATE:Gene Wolfe's Talk of Mandrakes chapbook is Sold Out!

  • A phantom title short story, never before published.
  • Locus review:"Wolfe at his most direct, a taut, chilling tale...its mystical resonances are perhaps too dangerous to pursue. A Gothic gem, rescued from limbo" (Gevers, Feb 2004).
  • Limited edition: 90 numbered, 26 lettered.
  • Sold exclusively through auctions on eBay from December 2003 to October 2004.
  • Copies remaining: 0.
  • Click here to see current auctions.

UPDATE: a new essay by Michael Andre-Driussi on bears in Severian's Narrative is online at Ultan's Library.

UPDATE: Sirius Fiction Now Accepts Payments via PayPal!

UPDATE (2002): Lexicon Urthus Out of Print

  • One printing of 1,000 copies.
  • Out-of-Print (May 1, 2002): 0 copies remaining.

UPDATE: Snake's-hands Chapbook Has Been Expanded Into a New Book

  • Now a Print On Demand book published by Cosmos. (click here to find the book at the Cosmos bookstore!)
  • Fourteen more essays (7 reprints, 7 new), doubling the size of the chapbook.
  • Publishing Date: March 2003.
  • Price: $49.95 (hardcover); $19.99 (trade paperback).
  • Effect on chapbook: the chapbook will go out of print.
  • Chapbook printing history: one printing of 150 copies; one corrected edition printing of 100 copies.
  • Countdown to Out-of-Print: 17 copies of chapbook remaining.

UPDATE: Peace Indexicon "The Devil His Due": New Essay on Peace by Robert Borski! Plus Extended Timeline Now Available Online!


Snake's-Hands: A Chapbook about the Fiction of John Crowley, edited by Michael Andre-Driussi and Alice K. Turner
The world's first reference work on the fiction of John Crowley. Essays by Thomas M. Disch, John Clute, Harold Bloom, and others. (2001)

Peace Indexicon, by Doug Eigsti
A compact and compelling booklet of lists, a map, and a timeline for Gene Wolfe's magical "mainstream" novel Peace. (2001)

Cicerone Sinister, by Robert Borski and Michael Andre-Driussi
A print companion to the web site ( devoted to Gene Wolfe's enigmatic science fiction novel The Fifth Head of Cerberus. (2001)


FREE errata sheet for Lexicon Urthus.

NS-1: Synopsis of the Narrative of Severian the Great, Last True Autarch of Urth (1998). A chapter by chapter summary of The Book of the New Sun and The Urth of the New Sun. Appendices for "Sailor Talk" (listing all the Wellerisms used by the sailors); "Authorized Texts" (the stock phrases used by Ascians); a newly revised and expanded Timeline of Posthistory; and a "Stream of Symbols." back to top | $5; order now

The Quick & Dirty Guide to the Long Sun Whorl (1997) is a booklet devoted to Gene Wolfe's second "Briahtic" series The Book of the Long Sun. It measures 5.5" x 8.5", 62 pages; with sketchmaps and many mini-essays. A very limited edition: only 50 copies were made. Out of print as of 9/97. back to top

LS-1: Characters of the Long Sun Whorl (1997) is the first booklet in the "LS" series, the successor to Q&D in examining Gene Wolfe's The Book of the Long Sun. It measures 5.5" x 8.5", 34 pages. All 192 mortal named characters. back to top | $5; order now

LS-2: Languages of the Long Sun Whorl (1998) covers all the slang, cant, jargon, and foreign language of the Long Sun series. back to top | $5; order now

Vance Space (1997) is a booklet surveying a few dozen of the many planets in the science fiction of Jack Vance. From "Aerlith" of The Dragon Masters to "Zeck" of Wyst: Alastor 1716, featuring a star map of the Oikumene and a Timeline tracking historical events of thirty novels. It measures 5.5" x 8.5", 52 pages. Out of print as of 3/2001. back to top

Works by Michael Andre-Driussi: A Working Bibliography

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